From the Golden Steps to the shimmering pool, surfaces shine in Wylie, Texas!

From the Golden Steps to the shimmering pool, surfaces shine in Wylie, Texas!

This project in Wylie, Texas was a perfect example of bang for the buck when it comes to improving the appearance and experienced value of your living environment.

Our homeowners identified their main concern as being the back patio, whose concrete floor is no stranger to a giant puppy's slobber, in addition to enduring the whirlwind of daily family life. The front walkway and sidewalk were also high on the list of beautifying priorities, with plenty of ground in dirt and tannins form the nearby trees staining the sidewalks and walkways to the main entrance.

We tackled the back patio first (just to relieve the tension, ha). This took very little time and the improvement was immediate. The homeowner was so impressed they were eager to see what kind of change was possible in the pool area.

This family spends a lot of time in the pool. Five youngsters and Texas heat make this water attraction a hot item for much of the year, and being so loved brings "love marks" and a certain...lived in quality. Thankfully, a quick pool deck cleaning with our commercial grade surface cleaner and a high quality surfactant never disappoints! We gave this oasis a freshening up worthy of the joy that it adds to this family's life, and what shining happy place it is. Something the customer said that stuck with me was "the ground even feels different!". Clean surfaces, like classical music, really help support the majesty of a place.

Happy with our result, and with time to spare, we directed our focus to the face of the home. This, for me, is always the most satisfying. In the end, we all had a lot of fun and were very pleased with adding some brightness to this happy place. Look at the pics!

Budget: 500

Location: Wylie, TX

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Products Used

29" Whisper Wash Surface cleaner pushing 8GPM and a professional disinfectant with surfactant.