A Fresh Approach to an Apartment Building in Dallas, TX

A Fresh Approach to an Apartment Building in Dallas, TX

I was recently contacted by a property management company in Dallas to make the walk to one of their apartment buildings a little less alley-way and a little more "I'm home, YAY!", haha.

Commercial pressure washing frequently has challenges and this location had a few. Although the problem I was called to tackle was typical and relatively easy - dirt, grime, mold, algae and general wear and tear from years in the elements - the property had limited access, construction on the main street, narrow driveway, almost no parking and no outside-accessible water spigot. The unsightly degradation of the property was visible from the road, affecting the sidewalk, walkway, main steps and main entry way. The management wanted the stains to be removed if possible. The actual work of removing the unsightly high-traffic areas and organic growth patches is easy enough - if one has access to quality equipment, the correct chemicals, and a creative mindset. Confident that I have all of these bases covered, I set out to brighten up the neighborhood, at least with this one property.

Soft-washing the building exterior with an eco-friendly chemical treatment dissolved the organic growth from this classic Dallas brick structure, while the pre-treatment I applied upon arrival had time to loosen the dirt and oils which had been ground into the cement walkway and main entryway over time. The rinse on the brick was especially satisfying to my trained eye, but the tenants were enjoying the transformation of concrete as I pressure washed away years of grime with a single pass. As dramatic as the initial change was, I applied a strong post-treatment application to the washed and rinsed areas to ensure the brightest and longest-lasting freshly-cared-for appearance.

The effort did not go unappreciated and I am very happy I was able to brighten the day of these neighbors!

Budget: 500

Location: Dallas, TX

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Products Used

Commercial grade, eco-friendly solutions and surfactants. 8GPM surface cleaner, high pressure, low pressure, elbow grease.